The Importance Of Fresh Fruits

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Life can sometimes be really busy and especially so for those that spend a lot of time online. It is very easy to get caught up in regular life and forget to eat properly. I am so very guilty of this!   If I am really involved I will grab something quickly and that may not be the best choice for me.


I am currently juggling a few projects and the grab something quick has been happening more than I am willing to admit. It has really started to take a toll on me. So who do I go to, Earl Smith ( My dad ) he is by the way the master mind behind this site.  So as I was doing my Internet Marketing thing, sitting for long stretches of time, drinking too much coffee and getting very little sleep.  All of this plus grabbing an english muffin for breakfast and something quick for dinner and NOT taking my vitamins.


Citrus aurantiifolia: Fruits and foliage.

I started to experience a bit of leg cramping that did NOT go away, for days. After the4th day, when it started to interfere with my projects I mentioned it to my father during a business pow wow and he said, ” Go eat an orange….” Seriously an orange??  Guess what? The orange worked. This led me to take a look at the importance of foods and what we do to ourselves on a regular basis by not eating properly. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C!


So, remember your citrus fruits, I will from now on!


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