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Does Pork Cause Tapeworms in the Brain? Umm Ewww…

Via – Heal Or Die: Healthy Eating   A pair of new studies underscore the U.S. public health threat of neurocysticercosis—quite literally having pork tapeworm larvae curled up inside one’s brain—now the most common cause of adult-onset epilepsy in the world. The first study, The Impact of Neurocysticercosis in California, concluded that “Neurocysticercosis causes [...]

Best Types of Vegetables for Small Gardens #HealOrDie

Via – Heal Or Die: Healthy Eating Do you want to raise vegetables but don’t have a farm? Cheer up! It is possible and practical to raise small organic gardens right at your own backyard.     Here are some vegetable types that you may start with in your small organic gardens:   1. [...]