Heal Or Die Trying: Who We Are

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My name is Anise Smith and I’m an Internet Marketer that has teamed up with my father, Earl Smith in an effort to promote health eating, holistic health choices  and a feeling of general well being. This can sometimes be difficult because life tends to be very fast paced these days.


My Father Earl Smith and I are both advocates of healthy eating and making good choices when making a selection of what we chose to put into our bodies. I will admit that I am not nearly as fastidious as he is about this. He makes sure I eat heathy and make healthy choices because as an Internet Marketer I can get caught up working on a project and forget to take care of myself properly. Additionally I do indulge in some foods that are not as good for me as I would like.


Earl Smith is really the mastermind behind this project and I am helping along in Marketing.   This project came about due to our efforts to keep my grandmother healthy and alive although she was suffering with so many health ailments.  She fought a good fight and lasted through so many odds. So we will be sharing some of the things that inspired us along the way.


Heal or Die Trying was our philosophy in caring for my grandmother as we exhausted every effort to help her. We were willing to do everything possible to help her, HEAL OR DIE Trying was our philosophy.  I hope that our blog inspires you!


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