Heal Or Die: Operation Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

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I love to be online and with that comes the opportunity to interact with so many people and their friends by way of Facebook.  A few months ago I responded to a discussion about organic foods and although that was a few months ago, the conversation has really remained in my thoughts.  There was a bit of outrage by one person that obese people in underpriveleged communities do not serve their children organic food.  I really mentally did a neck roll and though “Excuse YOU” Jerry Springer guest style.  I must say that I was outraged and quite frankly wishing for new technology called Smack-O-Vision because she did indeed deserve a smack.   I did respond that people in underpriveledge communities just do not have the same options that some of the more affluent neighborhoods may have and this includes organic foods. In some of these areas you will be lucky to find canned fruit at the neighborhood stores, let alone find one single piece of fresh fruit.  Some of these neighborhoods don’t even have grocery stores, yes seriously.


The issue in most of these situations are NOT that the people in these neighborhoods cannot afford to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, although in some cases there are economic challenges.  The big issue is that there are NO STORES in these areas that are willing to provide these essentials for whatever reason. I find that to be unacceptable!


As I thought about the conditions in which some people are living, I realized how lucky that I am to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  I clutched this knowledge to my chest but could not stop feeling a strong need to do more.  Thoughts were forming, a plan was taking place and I decided that I need to do something. This lead to Operation Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.


Operation Fresh Fruits and Vegetables involves myself, my father and other people willing to help.  We are dedicating an alloted amount of time daily in which to provide these essentials to the neighborhoods in Philly that do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.


We have made the necessary contacts with vendors and we are ready to go.  This is the beginning of the journey for us and we are excited to be doing something to help people that have been overlooked by many. We will be documenting our journey.

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