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Lack of Flossing and Erectile Dysfunction? YIKES!! [Infographic]

Organic Raw Milk or Pasteurized: What’s Better? [Infographic]

10 Weird and Gross Ingredients in Processed Food

Via – Heal Or Die: Bad Foods?   1.  Fertilizers – in your bread While chemical fertilizers inevitably make it into our produce in trace amounts, you would not expect it to be a common food additive. However, ammonium sulfate can be found inside many brands of bread, including Subway’s. The chemical provides nitrogen [...]

Hearing Loss Statistics | Hearing Loss Facts | #Infographic

Via – Heal Or Die: Fitness & Exercise By Infographics Showcase -  @MyInfographics   This graphic brilliantly displays the effects of hearing loss and how to cope with it.   The graphic describes the four main ways people lose their ears; through listening to loud music, spending too much time in an industrial work place with [...]

Work/Life Balance: Who Has It & Tips On Achieving It [Infographic]

Via – Heal Or Die: Healthy EatingStress, headaches, tension, weight gain, and depression are all signs of a work/life balance that is out of whack.Via

Chemicals in Cosmetics and on Your Face

Via – Heal Or Die: Bad Foods?Scientists are talking about it; angry people are talking about it. The United States Food and Drug Administration is the government regulator of things like vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, but when it comes to cosmetics (the topical stuff you put on your body like lotions, deodorant, and make-up) [...]

Potato Burgers Recipe [Video]

Via – Heal or Die: Herbs & Supplements Recipe: This potato burgers recipe is very easy to make, unlike some of the more complex veggi…    

The Best Vegan Veggie Burgers Recipe

Via – Heal or Die: Herbs & Supplements Vegan Veggie Burgers. Veggie Brothers are Famous for a Healthy & Delicious Vegan Food Home Delivery, Showing You How To Have & Enjo…    

Hundreds of 9/11 Cops Diagnosed with Cancer :

Via – Heal Or Die: Healthy EatingBefore the 9/11 tragedy, an average of six NYPD cops filed claims for cancer-related disability each year. Around 12000 men and women were dispatched to Ground Zero on September 11, and a decade down the road, the …Via

Cancer rates triple among NYPD 9/11 first responders – Boing Boing

Via – Heal Or Die: Healthy EatingFrom the Telegraph: “Of the 12000 who attended the scene of the atrocity at the World Trade Center 10 years ago, 297 have been diagnosed with cancer, almost triple the incidence before the attack. A report said that 56 who …Via