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AAnise Smith:

I am owner of a body that I am dedicated to keeping healthy.  I am really use to starting any About US section with what I do, but this time I wanted to focus on the goal of the page and really the goal of my life.  That is to take care of the one and only body that I have been given.


I grew up in a family that was always heath conscious, not to say that we ate grass patties and chased it down with green juice or anything but we were taught to have an awareness of health.  So I have been exposed to great foods, natural health choices, herbs, vitamins and supplements my entire life.


There will be stories shared by myself, my father Earl Smith and others that we hope will inspire, help and make people think about health and making healthier choices.


This website is a partnership effort with my father Earl Smith who is the Mastermind behind the knowledge portion of this project. I am but the Internet Marketer :-)


Earl Smith: Has spent his entire life dedicated to health, fitness and holistic heath.  The goal is to get the most out of every aspect of life and make it enjoyable. This involves eating right, fitness and a holistic life in general.  We will be exploring a variety of options to promote health and a general feeling of wellness.


In addition we will be sharing our own personal stories, personal stories from other people and lots of information about health and wellness.





Elizabeth Smith: Was the highlight of our lives and probably the most amazing person that I’ve ever met! She was the grandmother of Anise Smith and mother of Earl Smith and literally the backbone of the entire family.


She was wonderful, strong and fought a hard battle against many health ailments. We will be referencing a lot of her battle on this page in hopes that it will inspire others. She has inspired us so much and this page was created with her fight to live in mind.


Our GOAL was the heal her or DIE TRYING! 



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